School Photography Bid

Auburn Public Schools is accepting bids for student photography services for the 2017/18 school year. Listed below are the requirements and information for the bid process.

Auburn Public Schools Student/Staff Picture Bid Information

About Auburn Public Schools

Pictures will need to be taken at two different buildings, Calvert Elementary and Auburn Middle School/High School. Each site has approximately 450 students and 40 staff members who will need photos.

Length of the contract

  • The contract will be for three school years starting with 2017/18 school year and ending with the 2019/20 school year.   The final year does include the production of ID cards for the 2020/21 school year.

Minimum Requirements

  • The photographer will photograph all staff members and all Pre-K through 12th grade students of Auburn Public Schools. The packages are to be alphabetized by grade and available no later than one month from the sitting. The photographer will also provide personnel to take all monies and will responsible for settling all complaints. A make-up day for retakes and absent students will be scheduled by the school in conjunction with the photographer.
  • Two photographers at the time photos are taken to minimize out of classroom time.
  • Two dates in the fall of each school year. The first date for the original photos should be before September 30th. The date for retakes should be within 30 days of when the original pictures are given to the students.
  • The photographer will provide all forms and envelopes outlining the packages available to students and parents. These should be provided to the school buildings a minimum of 2 weeks prior to each photography session.
  • Must be able to produce annulets for Calvert Elementary and Auburn Middle School.

We will need a break down of:

  • The cost per page for black and white.
  • The cost per page for color and if there are limitations to the number of color packages.
  • Any limitations to the size of the annulets or to the number of pages provided.
  • Any additional charges for producing the annulets.

The following items must be included in the bid at no additional charge to the district:

  • Student ID cards for all students in the following year’s middle/high school. (Current year’s grades 5-11)
  • ID cards must be produced during the summer prior to the upcoming school year.
  • ID cards must have the bar code usable for our lunch program. The school will provide the information via an excel file.
  • The final design of the ID card must be approved by the MS/HS principal prior to production.
  • Electronic download of student pictures for each building as well as additional copies for the district office and the yearbook staff. The minimum/maximum size of the pictures will be provided to the photographer prior to the event. The pictures must be a .jpg format and linked to the student number provided so they can be imported in the school’s student information system.
  • A poster composite for each building. This poster should be suitable for framing, have the name of the school and individual pictures of all of the students attending that building.
  • A composite booklet of students with names for each building – 1 for each building and 3 additional copies for the central office.
  • Self-Adhesive, peelable wallet sized photos (sticker) of all students (by buildings) that are pre-pasted. These photos are placed in the student’s cumulative file.
  • Certificated employees and their children will receive a package free of charge. (Please designate what package will be provided to staff and their children.)

 The bid should clearly outline:

  • A listing of the different packages with prices. Any additional options/services available to parents should be outlined and priced.
  • Any incentives or commissions beyond those listed above available to the school district.
  • All costs associated with this bid whether the parents or the school district incurs them.
  • Any projected increases in costs from year one to years two and three.

 Bid Submission Deadline

  • Proposals are due at the Auburn Central Office by noon on Friday, February 17th.

Auburn Central Office
1713 J Street
Auburn, NE 68305


Acceptance / Rejection of proposals

  • Cost is not the only factor upon which a bid will be accepted or rejected. Other factors such as quality, ability to provide services, photo options, and recommendations will also be considered.
  • The Auburn Board of Education is scheduled to make a final decision on a photographer at the March 13, 2017 regular meeting. The meeting is at the Auburn Central Office at 5:30pm.
  • The Board of Education reserves the right to reject all proposals and continue with the current provider.
  • The Board of Education reserves the right to delay a decision on a photographer beyond the March 13th



Questions or clarifications concerning the bid requirements or process should be directed to Superintendent Kevin Reiman. He can be reached at (402)274-4830 or via email at