Proposed Adjustments to the 2017/18 Budget

Proposed Adjustments to the 2017/18 Budget

Preface: Auburn Public Schools is facing another significant reduction in state aid. The initial amount indicate a loss of ~$283,000. In 2016/17, Auburn Public Schools lost ~$480,000 in state aid.

Increased costs to parents

  • Increased requests for school supplies from students/parents (Currently attempt to limit to $20/kid)
  • Institute participation fee for athletics and extra-curricular activities (Previously it was $75/student)

Deferred Spending

  • No new Vehicles
  • No New Textbooks
  • No New Computers / labs or teacher
  • Items on the 25 year list would be put on hold unless it was an emergency / urgent to repair

Cuts / reductions in spending

  • Freeze base salary for teachers
  • Salary freeze all other employees (administrators, classified staff)
  • Do not rehire for Ronda Reid’s elementary position – reassign staff to cover that position
  • Offer early retirement to teachers
  • Move Girls Golf to Spring and combine with Boys Golf
    • FYI – The NSAA allows girls to play golf in the Spring with the boys. We would eliminate the fall girls’ season but allow girls to play golf with the boys in the spring.
  • Reduce Head Track Coaches from 2 to 1
    • Currently AHS has a Head Girls and a Head Boys Track Coach. This would be combined into one Head Track Coach.
  • No modernization of equipment – APS will only replace items that are broken.
  • No Marzano Academy – Professional Development Workshop for Teachers
  • Choose between Wellness Center / SE Gym for practice space
  • Software Switch to Talent ED – (Already put in place)
  • Telephone efficiencies – (Already put in place)
  • Cut regular supplies budget by $11,000
  • Reduce travel and attendance at professional development workshops
  • Various smaller cuts to software, web services, etc.





Moving forward for MOST of the items above

  • February BOE meeting – discussion of the various cuts / taking preliminary action to set up other actions
  • March BOE meeting – Take public input
  • April & May meetings – Take action on those items that require BOE approval.