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How to apply for free and reduced lunch status

If you believe you are eligible for free or reduced lunch status, you will need to apply by completing the following steps each school year:1. Dowload the applicaiton form.  (It is located in the “files” section at the bottom of the Food & Nutrition Services page.  You can also obtain a copy from the school district.

2. Print a copy of the application form.

3. Complete the form according to directions. (If you have questions about the form, call Erna Blount at 274-4789)

4. Return the application to Auburn Public School Nutrition Services, 1829 Central Ave., Auburn,NE 68305.

5. You will be notified by letter of your status as soon as your application has been reviewed.


eFunds for APS

This site will allow parents to deposit money into their child’s lunch account.


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