School Improvement & Curriculum

Nancy Fuller

Hello! I am Nancy Fuller, Auburn Public Schools’ Director of School Improvement and Curriculum. I am very proud to be a member of the School District #29, Auburn Public Schools (APS). APS is a wonderful school. Our graduates find that they are prepared to enter post-secondary education, technical training schools, or the world of work.

School Improvement Process

Click on the link below to view information about School Improvement Activities & an explanation of A-QuESTT.



The Nebraska State Accountability Tests measure the Nebraska state standards and determine Nebraska student proficiency on those standards.  To view Auburn’s State of the Schools report click on the link below.

Auburn School Report


Measures of Academic Progress is a computerized adaptive testing system that tailors tests to a student’s achievement level. Each student takes a test that is dynamically developed for him or her as the test is being administered. To view the student norms for each grade level click on the link below.

Student Status Norms