Part-Time After-School Program Mentor

Auburn Public Schools is now hiring an After-School Mentor.  The Mentor will be responsible for helping out with the planning, organizing and leading of daily activities. After-School Mentors must provide the participants with a leadership role, and be a positive role-model. After-School Work Hours will be from 3pm-6pm Monday-Friday with the occasional need to work during Late Starts and Early Out days. Mentors will be guaranteed two hours of work every day, but may be required for three depending on the number of students present each day.


Must have at lease an associate's degree in education or child/youth development; OR have a High School Diploma and 1500 verified clock hours of experience in organized group activities for School-Aged Children; OR 45 clock hours of training in administration, early childhood education, education, or child/youth development (THIS INCLUDES HOURS IF YOU ARE IN COLLEGE.)

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