April Binder

April Binder

(402) 274-4328, extension 101


A Peru State College graduate of 1997, endorsed in Spanish from the University of Nebraska (2000) and a Masters in Administration from Concordia University (2017), my number one love in life is teaching.  There is nothing more important than making a difference in our young minds today.  Igniting the passion of learning in students daily is an irreplaceable, authentic experience that simply brings a smile to my face!

When I am not teaching, I love to run marathons or half marathons all over the country. I am the mother of three amazing, talented children and the wife of a sports loving farmer.  Other than teaching, I also am the head sponsor of the Auburn branch of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.  I am blessed to have many people in Auburn who help me in making a real difference in the eternal lives of the students of Auburn Public Schools.

If you need to reach me, please text me at my cell phone is 4022396451 or call me at my extension listed above.  I look forward to our future conversations and how we can work together to bring a positive experience to you and your family.