Ashton Bohling

Ashton Bohling

Agriculture at Auburn Middle School and Auburn High School

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Hello and welcome to the Auburn Agriculture Education program! My name is Ashton Bohling. I teach agriculture at Auburn Middle School and Auburn High School. I also serve as the FFA advisor and the middle school/assistant high school cross country coach.


I grew near Plymouth, Nebraska on a small family farm with 2 sisters, 5 dogs, 1 horse, and a lot of cows and cats. I graduated from Tri County High School in 2008. I attended the University of Nebraska Lincoln. I majored in Agriculture Education. I received minors in Agricultural Economics and Animal Science. I completed my endorsement in Biology Education at the University of Nebraska Lincoln, as well as a Master’s of Applied Science.


Teaching Experience

In the fall of 2012, I began teaching at the first Urban Agriculture and Natural Resources Career Academy in Omaha Public Schools at Bryan High School. In the fall of 2013, I taught agriculture and science at Conestoga Public Schools. I was hired at Auburn Public Schools in the fall of 2014. I currently teach Introduction to Agriculture (year long), Plant Science (1st semester), Horticulture (2nd semester), Animal Biology (1st semester), Large Animal Management (2nd semester, odd years), Companion Animals (2nd semester, even years), Agribusiness & Leadership (1st & 2nd semester), 8th Grade Agriculture (1st and 2nd semester), Welding 1-2 (year long), and Welding 3-4 (year long).


Personal Life
My husband, Trenton, and I live on the family farm near Johnson, Nebraska. Trenton is a grain originator with Midwest Cooperative. We also have cows, crops, chickens, and a dog named Bennet. I am a fanatic about being busy. I love being active, which includes running, playing sports, gardening, and working outside. I also enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I would travel everyday if I could. I love kayaking, reading, ice cream, fast food, office supplies, farm life, queso, and a good comedy.


Contact Information
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at 402-274-4328 at school or e-mail me at

Auburn Agriculture Education

Welcome to the Auburn Agriculture Education program! Although Auburn had an agricultural education program in the past, it was renewed in August of 2014. The program consists of three main parts: classroom, a student organization, and experiential learning.

The classroom is the foundation of the agriculture education program at Auburn Public Schools. Courses taught include: Exploratory Agriculture, Introduction to Agriculture, Plant Science (science credit), Nursery and Landscape, Animal Biology (science credit), Large Animal Management, Companion Animals, Welding and Advanced Welding. Students have a wealth of resources to assist in their learning. This includes 3 aeroponic tower gardens, an aquaponics system, an aquaculture system with tilapia, a 24 foot by 48 foot greenhouse, 5 garden towers, and a torchmate plasma cutter. Highlights of the agriculture classroom include fetal pig dissections, landscape design and implementation, candy bouquets, agriscience fair experiments, welding projects and veterinary technician procedures.

The student organization that makes up the 2nd part of the agriculture education model is FFA. The mission of the FFA is to “make a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth, and career success through agriculture education.” Students have the opportunity to attend leadership conference, compete in career development events, and participate in community service activities. Highlights of the Auburn FFA include the community clean up, the Pathways to Careers conference, Agricultural Olympics, and state and national FFA convention. We have also had success in FFA events, which includes a state champion veterinary science team, a state champion oxyacetylene welder, and a state runner up welding team. Students have also competed in floriculture, meats evaluation, agronomy, and the agriscience fair at the Nebraska FFA Convention.

Experiential learning is the 3rd component of the agriculture education program. All students enrolled in agriculture education must have a Supervised Agricultural Experience or SAE. Through their SAE project, students practice record keeping skills, set goals, and develop skills. Students are also eligible to apply for proficiency awards and degrees based on their SAE program. Students at Auburn manage the greenhouse, care for the tower gardens, work at Dairy Sweet and Orschelns, assist local famers, plant and manage gardens, as well as own livestock.