Julie Lambert

Julie Lambert

Media Specialist

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402-274-4328 ext. 115


My name is Julie Lambert.  I am the media specialist and journalism teacher.  I received my BA from Nebraska Wesleyan University and then my Masters from Peru State College.  I earned my media certification at UNO.

In journalism we create the yearbook each year.

I am the junior class sponsor.
If you have any questions please call 402-274-4328 ext. 115 or email julie.lambert@apsbulldogs.org.


Auburn Public Schools is excited to announce the addition of eBook collections to the the MS/HS Libraries.

APS students and families in sync with today’s wireless devices may now find their favorite authors and books online and check out titles in portable paperless print because APS is now a local member of a regional digital school library association administered by Nebraska Educational Service Unit 2, according to Joan Wilson from ESU2.

The ESU2 Regional E-Library was initiated in 2012 with digital media distributor and book publisher Baker & Taylor and is the first ‘regional school association’ model in the state of Nebraska. To date, the association has 35 patron schools and over 3,000 K-12 book titles circulated over 7,500 times. Twice a year, a committee of librarians/media specialists meets to discuss and evaluate titles to add to the collection.

Students will download the free Axis360 app and then set up a digital library card ID using their school email address.

Parents (K-5) will need to fill out a permission form and have Julie Lambert, APS Media Specialist or Lisa Nelson, Calvert Library Aide help the student set up the account and demo how to use the digital library. 6th Grade Parents/Guardians will need to fill out a permission form and have Mrs. Lambert, APS Media Specialist help the student set up the account and demo how to use the digital library. 7th-12th Grade students will come to the media center and set up their account with her also.

YOUTUBE has Axis 360 Support tutorials to help with
Apple/iOS devices
Android/Kindle Fire devices.

Through the school website, on the Calvert media center page, students will be taken to the magic wall screen and then are asked to log in.

The middle school and high school students will go to the AMS/AHS media center to access the link to their library.
MS/HS Library

“This is an exciting opportunity for our students. This is not meant to replace our print library but rather to allow them to use the tools of a digital learning environment to enhance their reading and learning experiences.” If you have any questions or comments please email Julie Lambert, APS Media Specialist or call 402-274-4328 ext.115.

Summer Sowers Reading Program
Mrs. Lambert is hosting a summer reading program this summer for students 6thgrade -12th grade. (current year in school) Students will read books from the 2015-2016 Golden Sower Chapter Book and Novel reading lists.
To participate in this reading group the reader must come to the Auburn High School Media Center on Wednesdays (8:30 a.m.-9:30 a.m.) from June to July to check out and/or return his/her books.
The reader must actively read. The reader will not be allowed to keep the same book for an extended amount of time as there is only one copy per book and there could be waiting lists for certain titles. The eBook Library may also have a copy of some of the titles, so that is an option if you have a device that you read on. After reading each book, the reader will need to complete a short book review.
Finally there are ten titles per category. To be eligible to vote for a favorite title, the reader must have read at least four books from one category. During August, readers will vote for their favorite title.
If you are interested in joining the Summer Sowers Reading Project this summer, please come to the High School Media Center and pick up the information.