1/10/19 Statement from the Board of Education

Auburn Public Schools

1713 J Street

Auburn, NE  68305


Contact: Auburn Board Chair


The mission of the Auburn Public School district is founded upon the commitment to the future of our children.  The Auburn Board of Education is committed to this mission and will continue to strive to ensure the education environment is positive, safe, and focused on the instruction and learning that must continue to evolve during these difficult times.

We ask that the students, staff, parents, and patrons respect the purposeful process the board is following to protect the interests of the school district and rights of the individual.  The board will adhere to the due process that school district employees are granted through Nebraska law.

We need to all pause, reflect and respect the credo and wisdom of our students who authored the following on January 10, 2018:

The Bulldog Way

At APS, we are more than just a school.

Through these halls walk not only students but hopes and dreams waiting to be realized.

We are scholars, artists, athletes, and musicians.

We are focused, determined, and motivated to achieve.

We are a family that holds ourselves not to be perfect, but to be the best version of ourselves.

As a whole, we are the foundation upon which future generations learn to grow and succeed.

We are Bulldogs, and this is The Bulldog Way.



The Auburn Board of Education