Auburn Leadership Summit

Auburn Leadership Summit

Auburn High School is hosting a leadership summit on Saturday, April 7th.  This summit is for business leaders, administrators, teachers, coaches, students, and anyone who wants to enhance their leadership skills, knowledge and effectiveness.  Speakers at the summit include Jim Weeks, Jay Bellar, Glen Snodgrass, Janny Crotty, and Mallory Seibold.

Join us to gain knowledge on:

• What leadership is and what qualities make a good leader.

• Getting “On a Mission” …finding the spark that makes people come alive

• Creating a culture of excellence-above the line leadership

• Developing a leadership class, curriculum and culture.

• How to ignite, inspire and create buy-in from your people/team.

• Marketing… it isn’t just promotion, it’s leadership.

• How to respond and use mistakes and failures and to reach your goals.

• Why connectors, experts and persuasive communicator are influential.

• What high achievers do differently from average achievers.

• Hope talks, road clinics, marginal gains and the mystery of commitment.

• How to use your strengths to become a life changer for your community.


Registration is $50 and includes lunch.

Please contact Jim Weeks at 402-223-9712 or with any questions.

Summit Registration

Summit Agenda