Student Safety

Student Safety

Student safety is paramount in the minds of the administrators, teachers, and staff of Auburn Public Schools.  Every parent should feel that their child is safe at school.  As superintendent, I weigh the balance between ensuring the safety of our students and employees while creating a caring learning environment.  When I came to Auburn in 1997, the thought of video cameras and controlled access entrance doors would have seemed silly.  Now both of those safety measures are all three sites.

Within our schools, we review the safety plan and talk to teachers about various crisis situations.  We practice fire drills, tornado drills, and lockdown procedures. I understand the feelings that parents have when they hear about these types of drills.  However, we know that these types of drills are needed to ensure the safety of our students.  I also know that our children are protected by over 140 dedicated employees.  Employees that will do what is needed, when it is needed.

I would ask you to help us to ensure the safety of our students. Controlled access entrance doors are needed to help ensure the safety of our students.  Keep driving lanes open so fire trucks can access the school buildings. Please use designated drop-off and pick-up points before and after school or park in a parking lot stall and wait for your child.

One issue off of schools grounds that has been a problem is vehicles driving through the bus stop when the stop sign is extended, and the lights are flashing.  This school year we have had over 10 different violations for this event.  Please stop when the stop arm is extended, and the bus lights are flashing.  Quite often young students are the riders exiting or getting on the bus.  These students are less likely to look for traffic.