Heather Hemmingsen

Heather Hemmingsen

Grades K-5 special education

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Hi, I am Heather Hemmingsen.  I am one of the three special education teachers here at Calvert.  I teach grades K-5 special education students with specific behavior needs.  My classroom is called ICR (Intervention, Coaching, & Recovery). This is my sixth year here at Calvert! I have completed both my undergrad and graduate degrees at Peru State College.

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my husband Derek and our little girl, Delaney. We recently celebrated her second birthday.  In May we will welcome another little girl to our growing family.  I look forward to our adventure!

I love the community of Auburn.  Our school has the best staff, parents, and community supporting us.  I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to teach at Calvert and educate our children.  My belief is that every student can succeed.  With the correct interventions, positivity, and supports in place, students can reach goals and expectations that we set for them.

I enjoy what I do and love coming to work everyday.  These children, your children, OUR children, make each and every day special!   

What Is Happening In Resource?

We are beginning lessons on Empathy this week in social skills. Students have learned the necessary skills in being a “Kind Kid” and are now ready to dig a little deeper into understanding how others feel. Our lessons will start out simple and concrete by learning about feelings. Once students demonstrate an understanding of feelings, then we will expand on how we can help others who feel a certain way.
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Favorite Quotes
“Fair isn’t everyone getting the same thing. Fair is everyone getting what they need in order to be successful.”
~Author Unknown~


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