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A Message from the Principal . . .

On behalf of the Calvert Elementary School’s faculty and staff, it is truly my pleasure to extend a warm and heartfelt welcome to you and your family as we begin the 2018-2019 school year.

During the 2018-2019 school year, Calvert Elementary will foster an atmosphere that promotes a learning community characterized by child centered instruction and decisions, academic excellence, trust, respect, and excellent communication.

Calvert Elementary is committed to working in collaboration with your family to continue to develop and implement the Auburn Public School’s vision. Working together as a team we will move forward in our mission this new school year to create a nurturing, disciplined, and challenging environment in which ALL students can learn at optimum levels and become responsible members of society.

Our staff of highly qualified professional educators and support personnel is committed to providing our students many opportunities for high caliber and quality learning. Calvert Elementary will strive for a high level of excellence. We will challenge intolerance, bullying, and indifference to others through our actions and education. We will promote respect for individuals and group differences while challenging prejudice. We pledge that this will be our focus daily and we invite and encourage you . . .our students and parents . .  to work in partnership with us to seize these opportunities in all facets of the Calvert Elementary programs. We want . . . we need . . . and we value your involvement and support in your child’s education! For it is the KEY to the success of your child(ren).

Calvert Elementary knows the value of home/school communication. It is vital and plays an integral role in each student’s success. It takes parents, students, and teachers working together as a team to ensure a child’s success. When teachers and parents work toward forming a partnership, communicating regularly, and respectfully only positive things results!

We welcome you to our professional learning community . . . an environment alive with much energy . . . enthusiasm . . . and a high standard of excellence! Calvert Elementary is the place where opportunities abound: Help us seize each and every moment! We have so much to be proud of as a staff, family, and community!

Your Partner in Education,
Jacquelyn Kelsay

Our Children . . . our Future
Achieving Success through Innovation and Excellence!


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