Correspondence from APS:

Return to School Protocol for the District, Elementary, and Secondary Schools

Based on data from the Southeast District Health Department, we must adhere to the low/moderate risk practices at this time.

Click the links for a printable PDF version of the following documents:

District Return To School Protocol

Calvert Elementary Return To School Protocol

AMS/AHS Return to School Protocol

Staff/Parent Return to School Protocol

Event Protocol


Bulldog Nation,

As fall activities get underway I want to communicate the current landscape of high school activities in Nebraska while we are in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. The Nebraska School Activities Association (NSAA) has communicated to all schools that the home school will implement the protocols that will be used for each event that is hosted. The visiting team and all of the fans in attendance, both home fans and visitor fans, are expected to comply with the protocol for that

event on that date.

This means that with each event there are going to be different protocols. It is also likely that these protocols will vary greatly by school and event. Protocols may not even be the same for a school from week to week. Some schools may limit or restrict attendance by number or to those living in the player’s household and a pass list may exist to get in. Other schools may require those in attendance to wear masks, while other schools may have limited or no bleacher seating and ask

spectators to bring their own chairs. Additional items that some schools are considering include the following: designated parking lots to park in, specific restrooms to use, assigned concession stands to use with limited items sold. These are just a few of the variables. Some schools even have different protocols for different sports or for indoor vs outdoor activities.

I know that communicating these protocols is important because we know that some fans may choose to attend or choose not to attend an event based on what protocols are in place for that event. Also, in some cases, fans may not be able to attend an event due to attendance restrictions. To help in communicating specifics for each event, I have developed a spreadsheet that contains information about the protocols that are in place for that event on that date. By visiting the link

bit.ly/apseventprotocol you can view the protocol for each event, home, or away. This spreadsheet will be continually updated as information is known. You can also get to this spreadsheet through the school website (www.auburnpublicschools.org) by clicking on the “Menu” button and then “Event Protocol” under the high school or the middle school section of the website. Should you have questions please feel free to contact the school office at 402-274-4328


I thank you in advance for your understanding, flexibility, and patience during these times. I know that it is a stressful time. I am thankful that our student-athletes still have the chance to participate in the activities that they love. I know that no matter the venue or the protocols in place that you all will be rooting hard for the Bulldogs. Go Bulldogs!! #theBULLDOGway


Jason Palmer

Auburn Middle / High School

Assistant Principal / Activities Director