New to Auburn Public Schools?

How to register your child for the upcoming school year.

By Nancy Fuller

Are you new to School District #29? Are you wondering how to register your child for school? It is easy — just follow the directions listed below.

Steps for registering:

1. Contact one of the following people. Make an appointment to register.

For K-5 students, contact Doreen Gulizia, secretary at Calvert Elementary — 274-4129 or email her at doreen.gulizia@apsbulldogs.org.

For Grades 6-8 students, contact Barb Knipe, secretary in the Auburn Middle School office — 274-4328, ext. 310 or email her at barb.knipe@apsbulldogs.org to make an appointment with Auburn Middle School counselor, Kayla Yearly.

For Grades 9-12 students, call or email Janel Janssen, APS registration secretary, to make arrangements to meet with Mrs. Kristin Kudrna, AHS counselor (AHS Phone: 274-4328 Ext. 315; Email: janel.janssen@apsbulldogs.org)

Students (or their parents/guardian) are encouraged to download and complete the New Student Enrollment Form before arriving at the high school.

New Student Enrollment Form

2. Nebraska State law requires new registrants to provide:

a. a copy of the child’s birth certificate,

b. record of shots (See Health Information Policies and Procedures by clicking on the following link.)

Health Information

c. proof of receiving a physical if your child is new to Nebraska, a Kindergarten student, or a 7th grader.

d. All Kindergarten children are also required to provide proof of receiving an eye exam.

3. If you have a copy of transcripts, IEP’s, or any other information that is relevant to child’s education, please bring copies of these documents.

Kindergarten Registration

Children are eligible to enroll in Kindergarten if they are five years old on or before JULY 31. State law requires children to enrolled in school if they are six years of age or older.

Please stop in at Calvert to register your child for Kindergarten. The following information is needed for registration:

1) Date of Birth
2) Parents/guardians name and address
3) Phone number(s)
4) Copy of child’s original birth certificate
5) Copy of current immunizations

Additional informational items for Kindergarten entry will be provided at the registration. Please fee free to call the Calvert Elementary office with your questions and/or concerns at 274-4129.

We look forward to having your child as one of our students.
Welcome to Auburn Public Schools!