What do the letters PBiS stand for?Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports.
How does PBiS work?PBIS is a school wide plan designed to assist school personnel in adopting/developing interventions that enhance social behavior leading to better Academic success. It includes both prevention-oriented interventions and reward based recognition.
What is an intervention?A deliberate process to change behavior.
What are prevention-oriented interventions?Using analysis of data to develop procedures to discuss with and model for students appropriate behavior for different social settings.
What does PBiS have to do with Discipline?With appropriate behaviors classrooms and common areas can become safe, inviting areas with little distractions. Academic success will be free to develop.

Based on the two principles of Respect and Responsibility the staff of Auburn High School and Middle School have developed school wide rules/expectations for its students. See MATRIX for rules/expectations in common areas.

Lessons taught a minimum of once a week demonstrate those rules/expectations to students so they know how to act/behave in different social settings.

Instead of focusing on Negative Behavior, Appropriate Behavior is recognized with the intent to expand such behavior.

When negative behavior takes place it is corrected. When a pattern of negative behavior is identified a plan is developed to reduce the undesirable behavior and replace it with a more appropriate one.

For further information about Auburn High School’s PBiS program please contact

Marla Jones, Chairman of Auburn PBiS Steering Committee, at marla.jones@apsbulldogs.org

For more information on PBiS in general please check out the following Link.

Expectations for PBiS