Auburn Public Schools Safety Information

Auburn Public Schools strives to provide a safe and secure environment for all students and staff members. The Board of Education, administration, and staff are dedicated to that purpose.

SRP - Anburn Version

Auburn Public Schools has adopted the “I Love You Guys” standard response protocol (SRP). SRP has proven to save lives when utilized in crisis situations. All APS staff have been trained the use of SRP. At its core, SRP provides a common language so students, staff, and administrators can quickly and effectively communicate and react to a crisis situation.

Secure Environment

The exterior doors at all Auburn Public Schools sites are locked 15 minutes after the start of school and are reopened at the end of school. Visitors wishing to enter the building during the school day must go to the main door at that building and “buzz in” to the secretary. Visitors must state their name and purpose for their visit. Once admitted, they must report to the office to be cleared.

Before and after school entrances are supervised by school personnel.

All interior doors have been installed with intruder locks. Intruder locks are locks that can be locked from the inside with any APS key. For those areas that require additional security features, barracuda door stops have been purchased.

Visitor Management

Once admitted to the building, a visitor report to the office. If the visitor wishes to go beyond the office, they will be required to provide a government issued ID. This ID will be run through the school’s Raptor ID System. Once cleared the system will print a temporary ID badge for the visitor.

The video below provides information on how Raptor keeps APS safe:

Training and Drills

Auburn Public Schools has a continuous plan in place to provide safety training to our staff. In addition, APS works closely with local police and first responders to ensure that lines of communication are open and all procedures are approved.

Auburn also conducts several drills with students throughout the school year. These drills include:

  • Fire
  • Tornado
  • Bus Evacuation
  • Lockdown and Lockout Drills
  • Evacuation to an off-site location