Facility Use Request

Please use the Link below to request using one of the facilities on the Campuses of Auburn Public Schools. Please keep in mind that Auburn Schools does have a fee for use of the facilities except under certain circumstances that meet policy criteria.

When first making a request you will have to fill out some information about yourself and your organization. Please be as complete as possible. Next, please state what you are using the facility for on the first line and then pick the date(s) and time(s). Time should include what time the event starts and ends. After you pick the date(s) and time(s) a screen will appear with your request. Under the “Location” column select “edit”. At this point you may select the facility that you want to use. If it does not allow you to select the facility you want, that means that that facility is unavailable.

Other columns can be used to express more specific information like: “Equipment” will list available equipment if you need it. Please select what you may need then hit submit.

Keep in mind you are not granted your request when you submit it.

After the request has been submitted allow 24 hours for processing before you receive email confirmation or denial. If it is approved you will receive a contract by e-mail. If you have never requested a facility before you will also receive an email with a PIN number that will allow you to return the contract electronically. Please read, enter your PIN number/sign, and return the form to Scott Anderson at Auburn High School, 1829 Central Avenue, Auburn, NE 68305, or by e-mail.

If you have questions please call the Auburn High School office at 402-274-4328 and ask for Jason Palmer.

Facility Use Request Form

Fundraiser Request

At Auburn Public Schools we want to do our part and help worthy organizations raise money for needed causes by allowing Fundraisers at our contests. Because there are so many needs we ask that your organization use this form to formally request an opportunity to be present at one of our events.

We do not want to turn anyone down but sometimes the demand to be a part of an event out weighs the efficiency of how the event can be run. Due to these circumstances we do limit the number of Fundraisers we have at each event. Therefore, it is important for your group to fill out a request form as far in advance of the event as possible. Please use the Link below to arrive at the form. Then fill out the form and hit submit at the bottom of the page.

It may take 24 hours or longer before you hear whether or not you may have this fundraiser at the event. PLEASE DO NOT MAKE PLANS WITHOUT GETTING PERMISSION TO HAVE THE FUNDRAISER.

If you have questions you can call Jason Palmer at 402-274-4328.

Fundraiser Request Form

City Rec Users

Please use the Facility Use Link for requests for practices.