How can I donate to the Foundation?
Memorial and Honor Gifts

Memorial Donations
A financial contribution to the foundation in memory of a loved one is a special way to honor them. The APS Foundation will gladly accept memorial gifts. The contribution can be given to a project at the school or for the creation of a scholarship in their name.

Honor Gifts
Another way to honor someone special to you is to make a contribution to the foundation during a special event in that person’s life. These occasions may include birthdays, anniversaries, or retirements. A donation to the foundation in the name of that special person will live on for years to come.

A gift in support of education is a magnificent way of leaving a lasting legacy for future generations!

Planned Giving

The APS Foundation can be a partner with you as you think about planned giving. As a non-profit foundation you may able to realize a significant tax benefit from this type of donation. The APS Foundation would be happy to meet with you and your financial planner to see how this type of charitable donation may benefit you and the students of Auburn Public Schools.


Procedures for setting up local scholarship award for Auburn High School Graduates

We are excited that you are thinking about setting up a local scholarship for an Auburn High School graduate. Thank you for thinking of our students, supporting our community, and giving your time and energy to this project. Questions relating to the financial part of the donation can be directed to Kevin Reiman, Superintendent of Auburn Public Schools, at 1713 J Street in Auburn, NE.

When you give money directly to the foundation, the AHS Scholarship Selection Committee will choose the recipient of the scholarship. This committee of teachers and administrators will consider the criteria you have designated for your scholarship and award the scholarship (and certificate) in your name.

The following questions are given to help you make decisions regarding your scholarship.

Will your scholarship be awarded yearly from now on or is this a one-time scholarship?
Will there be one / two / three scholarships awarded per year?

Who will be the contact person (s) for this award?
We will need a contact person’s name, phone number and address for purposes throughout the school year. If this person changes on a yearly basis, your organization must inform the high school.

Who is eligible for the scholarship?
You may choose which groups of students will be considered for your scholarship. For example, will it be open to all seniors or only female/male seniors? Will the applicant(s) need a minimum grade point average or perhaps need to be in the top ½ of their graduating class? Will he/she need to be studying a specific major or occupational field? We ask that your criteria be broad enough include a group of students, not just one or two.

What other criteria will be used to select the recipient(s)?
You are not required to, but may specify additional criteria that will be considered when choosing a recipient. Suggestions include: top half of class ranking, minimum GPA of_____, leadership roles the student has held, members of a certain organization or has demonstrated community service. ( Ethics, morals and character are difficult to measure.)

What is needed to apply for this scholarship? Most of our scholarships require a typed letter of application and a resume/data sheet.
Both are prepared by the student and include information needed for their selection. Additional application forms may be provided by you or your organization. Written essays may be needed, as well as 1 or 2 letters of recommendation by a current teacher or coach.

Is there any other information you would like applicants to know?
Here is where you will explain your selection process choice, payment arrangements, history of your organization or anything else you would like your applicants to know.

Thank you for sponsoring a local scholarship!